Singapore Sentinels Introduction

Sometime in after the World Cyber Games 2011, I was tasked with forming a professional gaming team in Singapore. This was the beginning of a dream come true for my players and many aspiring gamers.

The name Singapore Sentinels was conceived after much thought and brainstorming. Why? Because I believed strongly in guarding and holding on to the dream that eSports will become mainstream and socially accepted in Singapore.

Let me introduce the players who share in this dream and dare to challenge the boundaries eSports in Singapore.

Romulus ‘Kailing’ Tham is the team captain, and is both assertive and intelligent. His traits allow him to lead the team with charm and finesse. Most of the strategies that we play today are formulated and brought to life by him.

The youngest player on the team, Jason ‘HarLeLuYaR’ Koh, plays hard and trains even harder. An amazing jungler and gifted with one of the most amazing natural gaming talents I have ever seen, he is definitely one of the players to look out for in the eSports scene both locally and internationally.

Previously from team Flash, Baldwin ‘EquivocaL’ Sai, he has always been one of the top ELO players in our server since its inception. An aggressive player, he brings his wealth of experience from his former position in the top lane to his current position in the bottom lane.

Lim ‘d4rkness’ Zhi Ping is the team’s scholar and resident guide guru. The smallest member on the team, he brings his experience from being one of the top MOBA players in the world to League of Legends.